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Franky Films is ecstactic about producing this film. Most of the films that Franky Films considers are in the elevated horror, science fiction genre. Every now and then a script for a movie comes along outside this genre that has to be made. Run Bobby Run by Matthew Fergusson is such a script.


Founded in 2015, Franky Films is an independent, fully operational, Montreal-based production house focused on the developing, producing and servicing of original, high quality content for film, television, and digital media platforms. Franky Films is a complete, specialized, service production provider, catering to the needs of Canadian producers as well as the needs of U.S. and foreign productions houses

Features, Series, Docs & more

Be it for feature film, documentary, series or web-based programming, Canadian content productions, service productions or co-productions, Franky Films provides comprehensive turnkey production solutions and support from the development phase, through pre-production, principal photography and into post-production, encompassing all of your projects needs. Being Montreal-based, Franky Films has access to highly qualified production crews, state-of-the-art equipment as well as some of the worlds' most sought after post-production facilities and special effects companies. Furthermore, Franky Films has access to generous federal and provincial tax incentives and has a wide national distributor network for both domestic and international sales.

Detail Oriented

We are a team driven by passion and creativity that strongly believes in applying a detail-oriented approach to filmmaking. As a result, the end product delivered consists of innovative storytelling with a strong emphasis on cinematography that engages the audience’s imagination; high production value and a strategic marketing and distribution plan for both domestic and international sales.

In the past year, we have been developing a strategy to use new technologies in filmmaking by attending reputed international summits such as the VR/AR summit in Los Angeles last May. Through film teasers, special events and launches, we will use virtual reality, projection mapping and augmented reality to reach out to a wider audience and create hype for our in-house productions.


Franky Films’ mission is to produce feature length films that excite the imagination of viewing audiences worldwide and build an infrastructure that supports the continued production of high quality, commercially viable filmed content that is distributed across traditional and new media platforms. We are committed to producing films with an average production budget ranging from $250,000 to $3,000,000 allowing for potentially higher rates of return.

Run Bobby Run

Unanswered questions about Bobby Kennedy are explored by three actors as they prepare to audition for a biopic. A single father, his old flame and his bi-racial son improvise scenes from the Kennedy era. They gain a growing understanding about what motivated Bobby, his relationship with Jackie and his evolution on civil rights. They ultimately reach a shocking revelation about Bobby’s decision to run for president in 1968. But their work has reverberations for their own lives. Buried secrets from the past come to light. The old flame is rekindled. Father and son are forced to address the rift between them. Full of dark humor and honesty, “Run Bobby Run” delves deeper into history and the human heart.

Investing in Run Bobby Run

Franky Films is seeking investors to produce this film. The budget to make the film is $1,250,000 USD.

Franky Films, is seeking accredited investors to produce this film. Our business model/mission is to produce low budget ($100,000 to $3,000,000) feature length films that excite the imagination of viewing audiences worldwide. With these low budgets and secure tax credits we are able to keep investment risk at a minimum.

For all of our films, the model is the same. Our model is simple. For example, if the budget for a film is $100,000 and this film returns $300,000, firstly, the investor(s) is/are returned their invested amount(s), a total of $100,000, and secondly, the remaining $200,000, is split equally between Franky Films and the investor(s).

We expect that the interest in this film will be phenomenal. It will come out as the US is in election mode for the 2020 elections. This year (2018) President Trump ordered the release of 19,045 previously classified JFK files thus sparking further interest in the Kennedy assassination.

Why Invest in This Film?

  1. The subject matter,

  2. the timing of the release of the film (close to 2020 US elections),

  3. the 10 years of research conducted by Matthew Ferguson making this film as historically accurate as possible,

  4. the award winning director,

  5. Oscar nominated composer,

  6. the exceedingly low budget

  7. secured tax credits (approximately 20% of the budget),

  8. all of the above adds up to the potential for great profit.

For more information about the incredible investment opportunity that this film represents, contact .

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