Run Bobby Run - The Movie

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robert kennedy assassination run bobby run movie

matthew ferguson as robert kennedy helene joy as jackie kennedy and drew davis as dillon

Unanswered questions about Bobby Kennedy are explored by three actors as they prepare to audition for a biopic.

A single father, his old flame and his bi-racial son improvise scenes from the Kennedy era. They gain a growing understanding about what motivated Bobby, his relationship with Jackie and his evolution on civil rights. They ultimately reach a shocking revelation about Bobby’s decision to run for president in 1968. But their work has reverberations for their own lives. Buried secrets from the past come to light. The old flame is rekindled. Father and son are forced to address the rift between them. Full of dark humor and honesty, “Run Bobby Run” delves deeper into history and the human heart.


Director’s Vision:

This film examines a relationship between father and son, who are forced to address a growing rift between them while searching for a path of reconciliation. It is a story of loss, deconstruction and hope within a family circle that unravels secrets, love and a passion for truth. Through the eyes of a young 13 year boy, the film will force us to understand the inner conflicts and passions that we all live by everyday.

RUN BOBBY RUN explores the life and roots of family as seen through the eyes of Dillon, a damaged soul who must reconnect with his father, following a family tragedy, to become the person he is destined to be. This is a film about the dreams of people who aspire to an ideal life and struggle with loss. The parallel scenes, exploring the mystery between Bobby and Jackie, serve as the perfect cataclysm for fantasy and reality. This will allow the plot to unravel symbolic events that will impact the characters’ relationships and psyche.


Deconstruction of a biopic:

Deconstruction, as proposed by Jaques Derrida, is not the dismantling of a thing. It is a force that exists within a system, always there, threatening to deconstruct. That force is what propels the movie “Run Bobby Run”.

The system we are deconstructing is the Hollywood system, recently obsessed with the manufacturing of biopics. The prepatory work of three actors who may never even play parts in a biopic, is the force of deconstruction. Their empathetic work of trying to understand historical figures splinters off into their own lives forcing buried conflicts and passions to spring forth.
robert kennedy jackie kennedy run bobby run movie

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