Run Bobby Run - The Movie

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 There was a famous meeting on May 24, 1963 between Robert Kennedy and the following people:

This has come to be known as the Baldwin - Kennedy meeting. Jerome Smith ripped into Kennedy mercilessly. Ultimately the meeting, and especially Jerome Smith's speaking out, demonstrated the urgency of the racial situation and was a positive turning point in Kennedy's attitude towards the Civil Rights Movement.

In many ways, the battle that day between Kennedy and Jerome Smith is similar to the battle between Dillon and his father, Greeves.

Dillon agrees to help his father prepare for the role of Bobby Kennedy by re-enacting historic Kennedy era scenes. When Dillon performs brilliantly as civil rights activist, Jerome Smith, his talent and passion are proven undeniable. The power of Dillon’s performance has a profound effect on his father just as the power of Jerome Smith’s presence shook Bobby Kennedy to the core in their infamous 1963 meeting.

But Dillon’s father is upholding his ex-wife’s rule that they not let their son work professionally until he has finished school. Despite his parent’s rule, Dillon secretly delves deeper and deeper into trying to understand Jerome Smith. He performs his own historic re-enactments aided by the presence of his deceased mother, who he casts as pivotal figures in Jerome Smith’s life.

Unanswered questions about Bobby Kennedy are explored as the father improvises scenes with his former lover playing Jackie Kennedy. The inspirational story of Jerome Smith is brought to life as Dillon learns how he was groomed to be an activist from early childhood.

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